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I'm designing integrated home automation/entertainment system based on Linux

and other open source apps. I have several possible sound sources (like

Festival as speech synthesis, music players, and also possible voip or

ordinary telephony applications).

I'd like to deal with all this stuf using signal routing and mixing. Some

possbile scenarions:

- when internet voice call comes in, then I connect to local audio card for

certain room

- when watching TV, speech synthesis would like to announce something

- from one room I'd like to talk to another...

If I think ideally - best would be to have range of "virtual" sound

destinations, that could be dinamically routed,mixed to physical devices. As

far as my novice knowledge goes I was thinking of using Alsaplayers as

music/wav players (they have software volume control) , Jack (as sound

servers) and Ecasound (for routing, mixing) ....

Any other advice in apps to use, more info or any other opinion would be

more than grateful.

Thanks in advance,

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