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(I posted this in the PJs forum first, but thinking it might be better here.)

I'm ready to buy my first PJ. Done my research, etc... decided on the Panasonic PT-AX200U. It will be mounted at 22'. I'm in the market for a pull-down screen approximately 120" diagonal (no larger).

I have NO CLUE where to begin with choosing a screen material and color... white, matte white, grey, silver, hi-gain???

I've read some of the "guides" on the screen manufacturers websites... unfortunatley, all I see is statements like, "Designed for today's moderate output DLP and LCD projectors" and "the most versatile screen surface for front projector presentations." After studying one company's guide, I walked away thinking every screen material they offered was the right one for me.

My room is NOT completely light-controlled (it's a sunroom), but viewing will be at night, i.e. "movie night." It seems like the silver/greys might be what I want, but I want to be sure. I only want to buy one screen.

What screens are people using for this PJ at relatively long throws like mine?
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