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Hi All,

After a search of more then a month i am still in deep clouds of indecisiveness of which av receiver suits better for my budget and will give maximum out of my money.

Here are the fianlist list and am so confused this time and really looking for great advice.

1. Pioneer 1019 ah

2. Onkyo 607


a. Energy take classic 5.1

b. Klipsch quintet

c Energy take classic 5 and klipsch sub 10 or 12?

if i select 1c option that my cost reaches to 1200$ something and i am guess that i would need to buy hdmi cables and soeakers cable seprately?

if i select 1a cost is around 900$ and i am just confus on energy sub ESW i guess how is it?

but basically at the end i am unable to decide on anything resons are

1. I want to get the best that range as everyone else and would not repent for atleast 4-5 years that i should have buy something else, this is like futureproofing as well

2. as soons as buy i should noth see in another month or so that oops now the my return policy time is over i should have buy something different as this is kind of okay okay

3. currently i am in apartment room size around 13x20 i guess (me poor in area judgment

4. I may move out of US so later i would need 110 to 220 v converter and house would be a brick house

what else .. sorry i am putting everything out here but its like you have to speakup your problem in front of Doctor then only you will get solution isn't it.

why Pioneer and not onkyo

1. Good reviews, for onkyo they say poor analog video conversion

2. multizone feature, level 2 zone output

3. look and feel


5.usb connectivity

6 weight

7. 1080 p where as onkyo has 1080i (my understanding is that 1080p is higher and better resoultion, pls correct me if am wrong)

8. read heating issue in onkyo and not in pioneer

why energy

1. all good reviews plus cnet editor ratings

why klipsch

1. good reviews and this is the one i think left if am not for bose

i am ok till to spend 1000$ for the complete package thats my extended budget but okay okay in comfort zone but then some of friends say that spending 1000-1200 $ then why not buying Bose

I am looking for some suggestion/advice on what would be the best selection, this is more for movies with good sourround..

ps. i don not have lcd
thats is wish list may be yearend or next year i will go for lcd tv.. and i have optoma hd70 projector if this effect HT config.

Thanks in advance

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1) either receiver will work for you...

2) whatever speakers sound better to you, buy them... we can't tell you what your ears will like...

3) no, don't listen to your friends and buy bose...

as an aside... some tips for getting better response...

1) concise and organized posts are easier for people to understand, and they are more apt to respond... the "stream of consciousness" method of posting is very difficult to decipher...

2) post in the correct sub-forum... you aren't going to get a good response about speakers in the receivers forum...

3) proofread your post and at least make an attempt to speak "english"... i know that i tend to put more thought into responding to posts that use "real" words and are not laden with spelling errors... i don't believe i am alone in that... we all make spelling, grammar and usage mistakes, but my goodness, your post is very difficult to understand...

good luck...

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sorry about mistakes, point taken

I tend to write long emails and i guess i carried away with my long email style habit. Hoping to write better next time...

Thanks for the response,
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