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In a world where viewing is in a window filled room, viewing distance max 14 feet and space is no problem, I'm planning to purchase one of the above this weekend. What I'd like is advice as to which to chose. I'm leaning toward the evolution capable first two; the kicker is I need a Blue Ray player and a Soundbar. I think I'm going with the VIZIO S4251w-B4 5.1 Soundbar with Wireless Subwoofer and Satellite Speakers as an entry level, but I'd LOVE to save the money for an Oppo-103 Blue Ray player (I don't have one at the moment). Better idea to go with the ;7100 at 65" (and maybe the Oppo), or go for the 60" model (evolution capable) and save for the Oppo?  In that case, if you had to chose between the 8000 and the 7500, which would you pick?


So in a nutshell:


1. 65" or 60". That much difference?

2. Evolution vs none but with Oppo player now

2. Dimming differences?


The difference in price for the TVs is obvious on amazon, but I'm wondering from others more experienced than I, what you would do given these considerations?


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