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My girlfriend and I are talking about moving our current 34" Panasonic Tau WS HDTV from the living room into the bedroom and getting a wall mount HDTV for the living room. I was checking out several TV's from Sears and Futureshop and came across the Toshiba 40RZ525 1080p LCD for a great price with a lot of connections and I'm wondering if it's a good buy? We are looking for something between 37-42" and 1080p isn't a must but would be nice if it's within budget, speaking of budget $1,200 max.

I'll also hook the computer up to the TV via DVI-HDMI and Optical out into my Denon A/V receiver. Obviously if I got the Toshiba I plan to watch 1080p out from the computer. Am I better buying this or should I get a really good 720p? Will there be a big difference in picture quality?
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