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I have been trolling these forums all day and so far have gone from knowing almost nothing about buying televisions to being able to do (I think) a pretty good job of narrowing down my choices of televisions. I will be going to college for my Sophomore year soon and I have a single person dorm room. I will probably be about 6-8 feet from the television and due to space I definitely don't want anything larger than 32". I will be using the television mostly to just play my PS3.

Here is what I have narrowed it down to ....

The LG 32LF11 or the Samsung LN32B460

I would be willing to buy either of these, I just want to make the right choice. It basically comes down to the LG with 1080p over the Samsungs 720p but the Samsung has a much better contrast ratio and from what I know is a really solid brand.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated and feel free to ask any questions.

This is a fantastic forum you guys have here and I hope you can help me.


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