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Here is my HT room...

21 x 16 x 8, lots of carpet and curtains


Optoma HD70

Panasonic bd35 Blu

Onkyo 805 HD DVD

360 Elite

Infinity Interlude IL50 Towers

Infinity Interlude IL25c Center

Infinity CS60r surrounds X4

Currently using an Onkyo 606... and its fine. Just fine. It replaced a Pioneer 1014 and honestly I liked the Pioneer better but no HDMI. So the upgrade bug has had me for a month now and the wife is sick of me obsessing. Here are my options right now...

$300> HK254 from the ebay refurb store... probably would pair with an external amp fairly soon as I do like my movies loud. Worried about video processing messing with the nice signals I get now.

$500>= Marantz 5003, Pioneer 03TXH... Also would look at external amp down the road (even though I could be argued out of that)... probably Marantz over Pioneer at this point due to better reviews that I've seen though both seem well liked.

$950>= Pioneer SC-07, Yamaha 1900... at this point I'm probably getting to overkill level plus over what my wife thought I would spend. Let me preface these by saying a speaker upgrade is coming, but not until the kids are out of daycare$$$$$.... Anyway very intrigued by the Pioneer (and kicking myself for not getting the SC05 when they were stupid cheap) and the Yamaha also seems nice even though I've never owned Yamaha. Wouldn't have to look at an external amp, both b/c of performance and also b/c the wife would kill me.

Anyway any thoughts/opinions are welcome... I picked these b/c they seem to be what I can get the best value vs performance from due to recent sales... but I am open to any and all input! This place is the best... thanks in advance.
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