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Ok I have it narrowed down to two.

Can get them for around the same price.

Onyko 876 or Denon 3806ci.

I have read both owners threads and all it did

was confuse me all the more.

Use will be 70% video 30% music

I would like multiple zones for music and video.

Could some point the advantages of one over the other.



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I am in somewhat the same boat you are. Have had three receivers in as many months, and have returned them within the 30 day return policy.

My next one, and hopefully the last is going to be the Onkyo 876. Price is an issue for me and right now the price is all over the board, and going up for some reason.

One of the receivers I had was the Onkyo 705, I liked that the best for ease of hook up, OSD and remote control functions. And the price was rght. Unfortunately it ran very hot and had a bad hum. Everything I have read of late indicates that Onkyo has addressed these issues on the xx6's models.

Do not have info on the Denon 3606 but I will look at it.

Sorry I can't of any help.
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