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Hello All

I am very new to this home theater/surround sound thing. I went to a couple of home theater stores to listen to various speakers. I would like to know your thoughts about this setup. I've been reading it is a good idea that all front speakers be the same, I guess from the same manufacturer?

This is the possible setup:

Denon 2807; Def Tech BP 7004; C/L/R 2500; UIW 94/A (rear); SuperCube II

I was informed that I should go with the in-ceiling because I am able to place them in a better location than if I went with the bipolar surround or a pro monitor rear setup. The theater area will be 14'x 16' or 14'x 23' if you include the small bar area that is behind the right side of seating area.

I (think) I am pretty much set on the denon 2807, c/l/r 2500, and the bp 7004. Almost sure on the SuperCube II. But then someone mentioned the SpeakerCraft Aim8-3. They are definitely more $$$ than the uiw94/a. Will the Aim8-3 provide that much more sound or perform that much better than the uiw94/a? Also would you consider scaling down to the c/l/r 2300 or 2002? I don't mind spending the money because I want a great quality sound, but I also want to make sure that it's worth spending the extra $$$. This setup will be used predominately for movies/tv shows/sports. Very little to not much at all music.

I've seen the AIM8-3 on the internet(ebay) from what "seems" to be a reputable dealer. I don't like paying msrp for products
but the "lifetime warranty" is not from the manufacturer, its from the internet dealer

Anyway - thanks for taking the time to read and look forward to your input

A very confused buyer
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