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Dedicated HT Lighting control & Speakers

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I am working on a brand new dedicated Home theater project and have few questions:

1. How do I connect the IR connection of Grafik EYE to the HotLink Pro IR Booster to use with Logitech Harmony 1100? I'm still trying to figure out the complete control wiring for all HT gears and Lighting controller. Not even sure if the combination of the logitech 1100, hotlink & grafik eye with other HT gears is workable solution. Any ideas or suggestions are welcome. I would like the one button functionality: by pressing "watch Movie" can slowly dim the lgihts to 30% intensity in 5secs, Turn on the projector, AV receiver and BluRay and starts pplaying movie.

2. I'm also debating on a speaker choice for 7.2. I will be using Onkyo TX-NR809 receiver. The options are:

a. DT: (2) BP-8060ST, (1) CS-8060HD, (4) SR-8080BP, and SVS PB-12-Plus DSP sub.

b. B&W: (2) CM8 or CM9, (1) CM Centre 2, (1) SVS PB-12-PlusDSP Sub Can't find the matching surround in this series

c. Polk Audio: (2) LSi15, (1) LSiC, (4) LSiF/X, (1) SVS PB-12-PlusDSP Sub

Please help...

Thank you...
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