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Deep color?

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I have a 58" PE75U Panasonic Plasma and I am having a difficult time trying to get my PS3 set up properly with it. I have Get Gray for my calibration disk and I am not sure on how to set up system

Does the Panny have Deep Color? There is a setting for Super White on the PS3 and I am not sure if I should use that. Also, when I calibrate my set, I can seem to clip any of my whites. No matter how much I push Picture up, I can see well above 235 on the white scale.
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There's a whole forum here dedicated to display calibration. You may want to check it out. You want the "super white" on the PS3 otherwise it clips WTW (whiter than white, > 235). You want to be able to see some WTW. You don't have to go up to 255, but 240-245 should ensure you don't clip any video. Get a disc like Digital Video Essentials or Avia. They have tutorials or explanations that help you understand how to use various test patterns.

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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