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Def Tech PF15 - worth $150CDN to start?

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OK, relatively simple question: is buying a used Def Tech PF15 a good starter sub? It's a long ways short of the ~$1000 needed (including shipping) to get me an SVS to Victoria BC, Canada ... wondering if it will tide me over for a year or so, until I can spare the coin to get an SVS (being realistic)

I've got a relatively large area, ~3700 cubic feet... Boston Acoustic A-100's (~90db down to 39hz) as mains, a Boston Acoustics VR-12 as Center, and some cheap Teac bookshelf rears... the tiny yamaha 6" sub i've got helps the bostons with some more punch all the way down to that 39hz area, but i've got nothing below that really.

Basically, i'd like some opinions on bang for the buck, quality of this subwoofer in general, and just how much clean output I can expect (i'm a 90% Movies guy, though that may change in future)

Okay, did that make any sense? heh...

thanks folks!
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I bought a pf15 about 7 years ago used/demo from a high end store called cooper stereo in clearwater. its been used and abused and it still keeps kickin.

its a great starter sub because i started with it and haven't bought a new one yet.

come tax time next year a svs WILL replace it.
Thanks man.

Anyone else got anything to add?

Maybe a graph or chart etc. ?

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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