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Defective definitive?

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I have a psw-d110 10" powered sub (150 watt) that makes noises even when nothing is playing. It will even make a noise everytime I plug it in?

Is this a good sub? Should I just buy a new one or should I try to fix/upgrade the electronics in the box? I think that I am going to buy a s12, but should could I fix this to add to this room or even put it in my basement? My main room is huge with lots of openings.
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I was looking on the internet and came across the below post. I don't know why Definitive and JBL have the same model number on the back psw d110, but this must be my problem. Can this be fixed easilly?

I purchased my JBL PSW-D110 on 2-26-99 I was very happy with the product, until I came home from work this morning 9-21-00 The subwoofer was making a loud popping noise, for no reason at all.

My stereo was turned off. I checked all the hook ups, nothing was connected wrong. It had to be unplugged to get it to shut up. I am 39 years old. I do not listen to loud music, and have not abused this sub in any way.

The Owners manual states that the sub goes into a "Stand-by" mode when it doesn't receive a signal from the receiver, and that it is OK to leave it plugged in. I paid 284.99 + tax for this sub, right at 300.00 (299.24) It is 1 year and 7 months old, and has a problem.

I have yet to take it back to Circuit City (where when I purchased it, the idiot salesman told me it had a 5 year warranty, so I opted NOT to purchase the extended warranty. Upon looking at the warranty this morning, I learned to my disbelief that the SPEAKER has a 5 year warranty, the ELECTRONICS has a 1 year warranty. Don't get me wrong, I LIKE Circuit City, just be wary of what any of their salesman say, sometimes they have NO idea what they are talking about!)

So I truly HOPE it is the speaker, but have my doubts. I believe it is something in the electronics the "powered" part, and Circuit City had better make it good! I hope everyone else has better luck with this product. I DO recommend it, BUT BUY THE EXTENDED WARRANTY ON THE ELECTRONICS PART!!!!!!!

UPDATE!!!!! I e-mailed JBL. They have replied, stating that there was a service advisory about the problem I have with my subwoofer. They are going to fix it, under warranty, even though my warranty expired 6 months ago, because of the service advisory. I am happy with the response from the company, they even replied on a weekend! I do recommend buying from this company. I would also like to say, that I returned to Circuit City with the sub, they could have cared less, they offered to fix it in their repair center, but I would have had to pay for the repair. You would think that Circuit City would have known about this service advisory from JBL. I have been a loyal customer of Circuit City, and will probably shop there in the future, just remember they hire young kids as salesman, and they don't always know what they are talking about, they also work on commission, and will try to sell you something you might NOT need.

UPDATE 2: After being repaired, the company paid ALL repair costs. The subwoofer works better than it ever has!

The repair technician told me that JBL made a BOO BOO with a capacitor on the board. they used a 50 volt Cap., and should have used a 100 volt Cap. When the 50 volt Capacitor blows, it actually explodes, and sends little pieces of foil and cardboard (whats inside a capacitor) all over the place. He had to clean the entire board, and pick the foil out of a transformer. He said If your lucky the foil will miss the I.C. chip on the board, and NOT blow it. I was unlucky, he had to replace the IC chip. He also found a bad switch, something that controls frequency on the rear of the unit. JBL should be commended. They found out they goofed, put out a service advisory on it, and are paying to repair the problem, even If your unit is out of warranty, like mine was. I would definately recommend this subwoofer to anyone who is considering buying one. It rocks the house!!!
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