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efense Grid 2, the successfully crowd-funded sequel to strategy-meets-tower defense game Defense Grid: The Awakening, will release to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One systems, developer Hidden Path Entertainment told Polygon.

The studio previously confirmed a release to Windows PC, Mac and Linux platforms for the first half of 2014. The game's predecessor Defense Grid: The Awakening launched on Windows PC in 2008, Xbox Live Arcade in 2009 and Mac OS X in 2010.

In Defense Grid 2, players will be tasked to protect the power cores of their military bases, which will feature a mix of both familiar and new locations as well as new enemy alien types. The game will also include competitive and cooperative multiplayer modes and will support player-created content.

Take a look at Polygon's exclusive year-long report behind-the-scenes of the creation of the game in Part One, Part Two, Part Three, Part Four and Part Five of the multi-part series.
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