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Originally posted by DSperber:
My OTA 480p symptom is washed-out color, and a much more

blurred/softer image than at 1080i. I'll better be able

to be sure where the problem is when the progressive DVD

player arrives next week and I can try this source.
Well, the Sony 9000ES arrived today... as did my copy of

"Video Essentials". So not only was it possible for me to

try out an alternate 480p source on my Sampo, but it was

really possible for me to adjust my Sampo with stable test

patterns for YPbPr input.

My goal was to find out why Dallas FOX (480p) was so

crummy on my Sampo, whereas ABC and NBC (1080i) were great.

And I am thrilled to report that the result is fantastic!

Thanks to "Video Essentials" I have dramatically re-adjusted

almost all of my Sampo video settings. And the results

are just remarkable.

Most amazing was the positive benefit from dropping the

sharpness, brightness, and color VERY substantially. And

thanks to the test patterns, I was finally able to adjust

my geometry properly. But sharpness to 7? I would never

have guessed how good the picture could get.

Yes, 480p still can't compare to 1080i (in my opinion),

but my previous complaints about washed-out color was

clearly totally my fault. With proper adjustments (thanks

to "Video Essentials"), the Sampo now looks FANTASTIC...

both at 480p and also still at 1080i. In fact, the 1080i

results are PHENOMENAL!

And the Sony "Men In Black" included with the DVD also

looked fantastic at 480p!

Even more exciting, after the DVD-based tune-up I went back

to FOX OTA (480p also), and was super-thrilled to see that

it was NOT washed-out as it was before! In fact, it was

almost as vivid as 1080i ABC and NBC. Not nearly as sharp

as 1080i, but definitely nearly as good in color.

I must admit I had serious doubts about my adjustments to

the Sampo, as dictated by "Video Essentials", when I was

making them. There were some pretty radical changes from

what I had been using for the past two months.

But the proof is in the watching. I just finished viewing

"The Cape Lighthouse" one more time (shown on the Dallas

ABC 1080i HD demo loop overnight), and couldn't stop

saying "WOW"! It has NEVER looked so vivid and clear and

true in color.

Maybe I'm lucky, but I don't have any discernible video

problems with my Sampo. I have NO desire to give it back!


Here are my video settings, for anybody who might care to

try them (perhaps they'll help address your complaints):

pincushion - 80

trapezoid - 107

parallelogram - 102

rotation - 117

R-gain - 216

G-gain - 166

B-gain - 165

color - 85

tint - 111

sharpness - 7

bright - 29

contrast - 256

V-size - 146

V-center - 136

H-width - 168

H-phase - 124

Keep me on the list of very happy Sampo users. Aside from

its now-fantastic (even more so than before) video, I could

not live without its multiple video inputs.

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I've also ran through the video essentials test and ended up with a relatively high contrast setting (compared to other sets like my RPTV in the living room). I know it's a sin to jack the contrast up, but for some reason, it's not a mortal sin on the Sampo... blooms don't appear.


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Actually, the 256 setting for contrast came from the

factory that way. I've tried backing it off, but don't

care for the way it looks. I find the visual results of

256 to be "thrilling".

And interestingly, that was the one setting that I did NOT

reduce or modify dramatically using Video Essentials. It

was 256 before, and it's still 256.

In passing, I mention that I also have very high contrast

set on my IBM P70, P92, and P96 computer monitors. The

older P70 is at 100% and the P92/P96 are at 98%. I just

find that the images and color are much more appealing

at high contrast.

All of the monitors and the Sampo don't show any ill effect

from a high contrast setting. It's brightness and color

that I've turned down.

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Run the Sampo through the Avia video test patterns and it can be dailed in better. I have contrast set at 215. There is a penalty for having to crank it up so high - you lose a great deal of detail in shadow areas, esp. indoor scenes. If you bring things back to the old washed out look then the detail will return.

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