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I installed the Definitive 600 5.1 speaker series.  ( hooked up to a Denon X3000)

Issues however still exist


1.  on the speakers I could not get LF/RF in phase until I moved them  from the corner tables and next to the TV.( then i moved them back after giving up on the corner table calibration starting location)


I  now have an  set of 6 ohm Sony SS-MSP7000 LF/LR speakers  from and old HTIB, given the rating would two of these work for the back surrounds mixed in with the Deftech 600's? Obviously not the same quality but hey money saved?


2.  Same question in regards to using the Sony subwoofer for  the 2nd sub?   I believe I  will need the LFE Y cable to integrate the 2ndsubwoofer rather than using the 2nd sub RCA jack? I looked all over the menus for adding 2nd sub to no avail ?



3. All speakers are placed below ear height but all on solid surfaces. raising them to shelf height in the corners of the living room with those wooden corner shelves yay or nay? Or direct mount them to the walls?
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