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First and foremost I have done as much research on this as I could find, for the better part of two days even. I still can't find a definitive answer (at least with a reasonable amount of proof). Also, most answers 4 or 5 years old and I'm not sure what's changed recently.


If I send a 7.1 DTS-MA or Dolby TrueHD bitstream over HDMI to a 5.1-only receiver with the proper decoders (in this case a 5.1 Marantz 1403) will it
  • A) Down-mix the lossless audio into 5.1 or
  • B) Revert to a lesser quality 5.1 track?


Most people say that they down mix the lossless audio, but I've seen some threads saying otherwise , but I can't tell if that's specifically for Anthem receivers or not.


If anyone's wondering why I'm asking. I'm planning on buying a small but high quality bedroom system and don't really have the space, need or budget for 7.1, but I don't want it to be obsolete out of the box.


Thanks for any answers
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