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Hi there! I'm in the process of having a new home built and recently met with the group that installs all of the low volt wiring. The plan is to do a media room in the basement with an Epson 5030 projector. There will be a 17' throw onto a 120" screen. This is my current speaker setup.

2 - Definitive Mythos One for the FL and FR

1 - Definitive Mythos Ten for the FC

2 - Definitive Mythos Gem XL for SBL and SBR

1 - Definitive Supercube 4000 Sub

This is running off of a Yamaha Aventage A2000

Below is a picture of both the upstairs and basement floorplan of the new place. I'm planning to have the Gem XL wall mounted firing downward for the rear back surrounds and am having the builder prewire in the ceiling for SL and SR. I'm planning on having the sitting area about 15' from the screen so I'm looking for help on where to place these speakers in the ceiling. Should they be just in front of the sitting area? Also, what is everybody's thoughts on the Definitive RSS II? Is it overkill for that placement?

Should the Yamaha still be good running 7.1 or should I look at adding an amp soon?

I'm thinking of using the RSS II in the upstairs also for the SBL and SBR. The tv will be mounted over the fireplace. I'd like to put the Mythos Ones up there if I'm able to eventually upgrade to the STs in the basement.


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