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Definitive Technology BPX Pair (located in NOVA)

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I have a pair of Definitive Technology surrounds in excellent condition. I'm the original owner purchased new from ABT and they come from a non-smoking home. They have been used as rear surrounds in a 7.3 system for approx 2.5 years, and they were hung on the wall of my townhouse as soon as they arrived and never moved. Since then my wife and I built a home, and during construction they were in climate-controlled storage (at my inlaw's house) packed in their boxes for almost a year. The only reason I'm getting rid of these is that they don't fit in my new surround location, they are just a tad too large so I had to replace them with 8040BPs since the spousal unit didn't want speakers hanging down below the support beam (dilemma and new 8040's shown in last picture). I have the original boxes, packing material, and most likely paperwork as well.

I know I don't have a lot of posts on this forum, but I'm not new to forums and I use the same handle on multiple others. My ebay ID is keithv15, you can see my 100% positive feedback there as well. I'd prefer not to ship these since they weigh quite a bit, but I can certainly arrange it. I'm located in NOVA, live in Ashburn and work in Rosslyn so if you are local-ish I'm sure we can work something out.
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Would you consider selling one of these and shipped to 83646?

Thanks for hearing me out.
I'd prefer to sell as a pair, I'll keep you in mind though if it doesn't work out.
Finally getting the house in shape and revisiting moving these, bump...
PM replied (sorry for the delay), bump
Bump -- I am still interested in these speakers. Please drop me a line if they are still available.

I am interested in one of them. Are these sold yet??


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