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I'm looking into building up my first Home Theater setup. I currently have a Samsung LN-T4065 tv. The room is a basement with 9ft ceilings and a 15x15 section (open air) not enclosed room. Mostly for movies, but also gaming and some music.

So far I stopped by the local home stereo store, they are a higher end b&m dealer.

Here's what I'm starting out with....

receiver - integra 20.1 - $400

floorstanding speakers - def tech bp6b - $400

center - def tech procenter 1000 - $150

sub - bic f12 - $200

rears - def tech pro monitor 1000 - $300

I'd like to stay with floorstanding speakers for fronts

Please feel free to recommend other setups.......this is just what I'm starting with and a base line
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