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Hello Everyone - Long time reader, first time posting.

First off here is what I am currently running:

Samsung PN50C680

Pionneer VSX-819

Center: Pioneer Elite TZ-MC09

Front Surrounds: Polk Monitor 30's

Rear Surrounds: Cheap-ish Sony's (mounted and don't know model #)

Sub: Velodyne CT120

I am working on re-doing this set-up as it was long overdue and decided I need to start with my front and rear surrounds. I feel they are the weakest part of the set-up. I would like to keep my budget for the upgrade no more than $800 if possible.

I found Deftech StudioMonitor 350's at the great price of $295 shipped for the pair so I jumped on those to be the new front surrounds. Will these pair well with ProMonitor's 800 as surrounds? I was considering 1000 fronts and 800 surrounds, but the deal for the 350's was too good to pass.

Because of the deal on the 350's, I'm now thinking the StudioMonitor 350 fronts with ProMonitor 800 surrounds and swapping in a ProCenter 1000 to replace the older Pioneer Elite (although I don't know if that would be a sideways step). That would cost me almost exactly the $800 I'm looking to spend.

Please let me know your opinion's on my potential set-up as well as any alternatives you may have. Thanks for your help!
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