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Hello everybody!

Is there any way to force the Denon AVR-888 to deinterlace a HDMI video signal? It appears that it will only video process analog video signals and all HDMI signals are pass thru.

I have a Pioneer 50" Kuro plasma so I have a strong preference to view only progressive video. The current Comcast DVR outputs 1080i, 720p, 480i and 480p. Note the lack of 1080p.

If I run 1080i over component from the cable box, then the AVR-888 will convert to 1080p at the cost of running analog video. If I run 1080i over HDMI, I get the digital quality but then the Denon will simply pass it thru as is, leaving it 1080i.

I have spent significant quality time in the settings menu, user's guide and online forums, and I suspect I am out of luck.

But just in case, is there any way to force the Denon to deinterlace the 1080i signal?

Thanks in advance.

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