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Deinterlacing works poorly at times, restart of WMC fixes it

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Have you ever been watching live TV or other content and suddenly noticed the venetian blind look on text in commercials or anywhere that obvious deinterlacing atifacts are easily spotted? Bad deinterlacing that are resolved by some kind of a reload, or restart?

The other night I was watching live televison and I thought what's up with the deinterlacing, you could see the missed scanned lines in text. I was in WMC in the past wither other PCs I have rebooted and fixed. I thought I wonder if just exiting Media Center and restarting Media Center would fix it and it did.

This was an Nvidia GPU with current drivers but I have seen this with different PC, other GPUs AMD or Nividia, other OSes. What is up with this?

Is this an issue with the video decoder or the video driver? This is just something you don't really run into on a CE device.
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