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Please help me this is making me very angry,

There's a 1 second delay in bass in everything i watch or play when i have my Fronts on large and everything else on small. I own the Pioneer 521-K receiver and my friend owns the Pioneer 821-k Receiver both do this. For example when i kick a zombie in dead island and the sound is in the center i get a delay in the front speakers(bass from kick eco type sound even) i tried contacting pioneer and i tried resetting the unit as my friend did nothing fixed it. When i have all my speakers on small and have the Crossover at 50hz this issue goes away but that is in incorrect way of setting the system since i don't own a Sub. Even when voices are going i can hear a slight delay in the front stage its rather annoying, also i notice i stops delaying when the system is set to Plus in the Sub setting.

I own the Monitor 70's, Monitor 35's and the CS20 center(No sub)

Can any of you Pioneer users please see if this is happening to you or take a second to check? i really would like to know.

Actually i found out what it was odd that as soon as i make an account here i can easily figure it out your site must have some magic power

Anyways since i've seen others online with the same issue i found out what it was go to your advanced settings and play around with the S.DELAY function i have mine set to 0.2 and the delay is gone and my bass it fine now. Happy its not some weird glitch i'm looking forward to buying a high-end pioneer receiver one day or at least their mid-range Class D3 amp receivers.
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