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We have a Dell 2408wfp monitor in mixed use with several other displays. They are used with PCs as well as Xbox360 and PS3 devkits for video game development.

Using the HCFR software and a color meter, we calibrate all our displays and its important that they track to D6500 and have proper primaires.

The 2408wfp clearly has an expanded color range in all its display modes except for sRGB. In the sRGB mode, the primary colors do match reasonably well - but the color temperature is off.

We can adjust the levels for the Custom RGB mode and get the color temperature to be okay, but have not found any way to adjust the values used by the sRGB preset. I've poked around in the service menu and none of those settings seem to apply to the sRGB mode.

In other forums I've heard people getting reasonable results with the monitor in the sRGB mode and having their PC video card adjust the output. For us that is not a solution, since we need the monitor to be calibrated properly on its own and work with the game consoles.

Is there an additional service menu or way that we can get access to the sRBG values being used?

They must be stored somewhere in the display's memory and they cant be using the same numbers for every monitor, right?
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