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I posted this as a reply to a message I wrote about a month ago and realized that it now put it in the over $5000 forum. Anyway...

I don't know if there was a recent thread about this, but at least one is now available -- anyone want to guess who the OEM is?

From $2499.00 3.5 lbs w/DVI


1050 ANSI Lumens (Max)1

Light Valve

Single chip DLPTM technology

Contrast Ratio

280:1 (Full On/Full Off)


130-watt, user-replaceable P-VIP lamp

Number of Pixels

1024 x 768

Displayable Color

16.7M colors

Projection Lens

F2.212.47 f=28.5534.28mm with 1.2x zoom and focus

Projection Screen Size

20 - 294 inches (diagonal)

Projection Distance

3.339.4 ft (1m12m)

Video Compatibility

NTSC, NTSC 4.43, PAL, PAL-M, PAL-N, SECAM, and HDTV (1080i, 720P, 480i/P) compatible

Composite video and S-Video capability

H. Frequency

15kHz100kHz horizontal scan

V. Frequency

43Hz120Hz vertical refresh

Multimedia Audio

One internal speaker with 2 watt output

Power Supply

Universal 100240V AC 50/60 Hz

Power Consumption

180 watts at normal operation

I/O Connectors

Power: AC power input socket.

Computer Input: one 30-pin DVI-I for analog/digital/component and HDTV signal.

Computer Output: one 15-pin D-sub.

Video Input: one composite video RCA and one S-Video.

Audio Input: one audio jack.

Mouse Input: one 8-pin connector for remote mouse (USB and RS232)


3.5 lb (1.6 kg)

Dimensions (W x H x D)

2.2 x 6.9 x 8.9 inches (56 x 176 x 225 mm)

*Based on ANSI/NAPM IT .228-1997 tests of 34 units, March 2002, with average ANSI lumens 941. Brightness degrades with usage. Dell recommends replacing your bulb after 1000 hours of usage.

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Dell 3100MP is a Optoma EzPro 735 OEM also OEMed by Sharp as the PG-M15XU....

Dell version is modified a little from the Optoma...

Not sure where Dell got it specs from or if this is a dumbed down version of the EzPro.

EzPro 735 is 1100 lumens, 500:1 contrast.

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Originally posted by badgerfan
If your going to market a new product like this, why would you have only a 280:1 contrast ratio. The price on the product is good but it sure has that major drawback.
Probably just being more honest with their specs. Most projector manufacturers blow their numbers WAY out of proportion.

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This CR is very low. In real life most if not all are above 400:1

and thats a low ratio compared to so9me that are a true 800:1

Indeed I would stay away from this one for HT use.

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I tend to agree dell may be more honest about their contrast ratios. This review seems to have a good opinion about the dell projector infact they liked it more than Hp XB31 projector for almost a $ 1200 less Dell review . Anyone got this PJ and have a first hand expereince or know of any other reviews of this product. In general dell has always made good products for a cheap price so far.

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Anyone considering the Dell 3100MP DLP

projector, should be warned of 2 problems:

1) Keystone does not work correctly with

progressive YPbPr inputs. You'll get

a green border surrounding the image.

2) Contrast and brightness do not work

correctly with all interlaced inputs.

When the contrast is decreased, black

becomes brighter! When the contrast

is increased, black becomes darker!

Dell's technical support is useless.

"We can't work with all DVD players.

There's a problem with your DVD player.

We only guarantee the projector to

work with a Dell product. What you're

doing is like putting a GM motor into

a Ford car."

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