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Dell LCD TVs

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I was wondering if anyone has used or seen the Dell LCD TVs that they are offering. What do you think about it? Also do you happen to know how well it works with the Motorola HDTV digital box that Comcast uses along with a stand alone TiVo? I know the TiVo won't record the HDTV channels, but that's OK with me.

Thanks in advance for any information provided!

The URL to the site is hypertext transfer protocol www1.us.dell.com/content/learnmore/learnmore.aspx?c=us&l=en&ref=CFG&s=dhs&~id=lcd_tv&~line=note books&~lt=popup&~series=inspn&~tab=details

Which I can't post yet. :(
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Maybe no one is responding here since this thread


has been active for a while. I'm no help, haven't seen them.
looking myself,the 17 inch looks tempting for the price
Recently got the 17" model with a $35 off coupon. I think it's a good picture. No motion artifacts , good color. We're only using it for Comcast digital, which actually has a pretty good signal in Boston. We're using it in a bedroom as a 2nd (soon to be 3rd) set and it's certainly a good value.
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