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Dell lt85 special - help!

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Hi again,

By taking advantage of today's special, I can get a NEC lt85 for about $1600. Do you think this is a good deal? Do you think I would be happier with this rather than the Sony VPL-CX1. I have been going back and forth about what to buy, and this may force me to make a decision. Plus with buying it from Dell, I can return it if I am not happy with it.

Thanks for any input!
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That is an excellent price for the LT85. If I didn't have the LT150 already, I would jump on it. Use all that money that you saved to get a spare bulb while you are at it.
I had the VPL-CX1. It's good except for dead pixels and only 550 lumens. I gave it to my mom and bought LT150. I'd go with LT85 as the CX1 is about the same price. CX1 has longer bulb life (2000 hr) for $257 at www.comark.com. CX1 is dim though so room must be dark. LT85 should give a better picture, better constrast, same screendoor (SVGA DLP = XGA LCD), small chance of rainbows, shorter, more expensive ($272 for 1000 hr bulb), 480p compatible (CX1 is not--only 480i and 1080i), much less risk for dead mirrors (pixels), no zoom (Sony has zoom), fan noises are similar (unless ceiling mount then LT85 will be louder--CX1 can't ceiling or rear mount). NEC has better service with instacare whereas Sony takes forever to repair (took my CX1 1 month before coming back and had to beg for loaner after 2 wks--sent out for 5 dead pixels) Thus I'd buy the LT85. LT85 is LT150 except SVGA.
Thanks for the info!

Anyone else have any advice? I am leaning toward ordering it today.
Long time lurker, first time poster.

Been thinking of taking the plunge for the Sanyo 60HT, but in all honesty my heart's not into spending the 5K since the 9/11 events.

Bought LT85 from the Dell site. Took their financing offer (additional $50 off, 90 days free and no penalty to pay off early) and next day shipping. Total final price of $1567.00.

I'll be happy if I get 18 - 24 months from it.

Onwards to the DIY screen section...:D
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OK, big question: Do you use a 16:9 screen or a 4:3 screen? I've been wanting an LT150 but this deal is tempting me. Despite people claiming that a 4:3 screen is the way to go, I like the idea of a 16:9 screen, since I'll primarily be watching anamorphic DVDs. Here are the dilemmas though (assuming you're just using a progressive DVD player and not an HTPC):

On an LT150, if you tell your DVD player that you have a widescreen TV and you set the LT150 to cinema mode I believe you end up with a 1024x575 display (16:9) right?

On an LT85, doing the same thing, you'll get an 800x449 display, correct? This would mean that you would lose some of DVD's 480 lines of resolution. Still, this seems more appealing to me than watching a movie in letterbox mode on a 4:3 screen and only getting 360 lines of resolution. Am I missing something?

OK, I think I just remembered what I was missing. I believe the folks with a 4:3 screen still set the parameters as I described when they watch their anamorphic movies, thus getting optimum resolution. They just need to mask their screens for optimum impact. Still, since most 4:3 images are going to be of lower resolution, I think I might still tend towards a 16:9 screen. Other thoughts?

Pittster, how do you get the additional $50 off and next day delivery?

There was an offer on the Dell site during check out.

13.something percent, 90 days interest free and $50 off final purchase price. Next day shipping is $21.00.

I will pay in full on about day 85, so I got $50 off price (pre shipping), interest on my money in a money market fund for 85 days and still end up paying no interest in the end...
Well, I've just joined the club! :D After much hemming and hawing about whether to wait for another price break on the LT150, I decided to take the plunge and went with the Dell deal on the LT85. I believe it came to $1596. I took the standard free shipping since I still haven't gotten around to hooking up speakers, etc. at my new house, so I'm in no rush. I went with their 90 day no pay option as well, but saw nothing about an extra $50 off. :( Not only that, but after I finished the deal I remembered that ebates has a Dell discount (another 2%), which I'm sure not to get now either. I have their "Mo Money Maker" plug-in installed but it doesn't always seem to work. I may try complaining to them, but I doubt it'll work. No biggie.

I recently got a DirecTV system installed at the new house (had it at the old house) and took advantage of Blockbuster's $10 deal for installation. By telling them you want the "Para Todos" system, you get the oval (HDTV-ready) dish, though my installer couldn't find a signal for it due to my trees. :( Still, it was a good deal anyway (you also get a card for one free weekly rental for a year and the oval dish comes with a multiplexor so I got four feeds). On top of that, I took advantage of the big (temporary?) price cut on Philips DirecTiVo systems at Circuit City ($99 each) and bought two of them. So it seems like I've done a pretty good job of getting an overalll great bang-for-the-buck TV/movie setup. In one sense, I'm almost glad my installer couldn't pick up the HDTV sat because then I'd have to pay $450+ for a receiver without the benefits of TiVo and I would have wanted to hold out for the LT150. Without the option of HDTV, the LT85 (at $700 less) just made a lot of sense for DVD (and some DirecTiVo) watching.

Oh yeah, this saved me even more money (well, that's what I tell my wife), because I had been looking to get a new 32-36" TV (my old 35" TV won't fit in our new A/V armoire, but it will hold some 36" models). I had been hemming and hawing (again) about whether to go 32" or 36" and whether or not to get a HDTV capable one since I didn't know how long it would be before I finally got a projector. I finally just about decided on the Sony 32FS13 (bottom-of-the-line flat screen with anamorphic squeeze) for about $850. Now that I'll have a projector, I don't think I care about anamorphic squeeze, so I'll probably get an even cheaper 32" TV. Any recommendations for a good bang-for-the-buck 32" TV for under $700? Flat screen and anamorphic squeeze are unimportant.

Now I have to decide on a screen. I'm leaning towards a Da-Lite model B Hi-Power 45"x80" 16:9 screen for my viewing distance (about 15'). Possibly even smaller. Any recommendations for a bed sheet to use in the mean time? I heard some mention of lower/higher thread count being better.

Also, any input on recommendations for a DVD player will be appreciated. I'm thinking I want the Panasonic RP91, as I believe that's the best (only?) one for stretching an older letterbox disc properly on a 16:9 screen, correct?

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Thanks everyone for your help.

I went for it too. I am glad that I now know of a couple of lt85 newbies that will be sharing the experience with me. Now I have people to exchange feedback/tips with. I can't wait til it comes!
Glad to see there are some people willing to get the LT85. I was seriously contemplating getting that as an upgrade to my Infocus LP340, but found a deal on the LT150 that I couldn't pass up. You guys who are getting the LT85, be sure to post reviews on the unit. Comparisons to the LT150 would be nice too.
Does it take 480p and 1080i inouts.
LT85 is LT150 with SVGA DLP panel so yes it should do 480p and 1080i. Although 1080i has been quirky to sync to according to some members.
Paul, 720p and 1080i would of course be downconverted to a lower resolution 16:9 image.

The projector has a VGA-style monitor connector, which is how you'd connect your source (usually using a VGA-to-component breakout cable).

Rather than create a new thread, I figured I'd just bring this one back up. My LT85 arrived yesterday but I haven't had time to try it out yet. My wife commented that the box seemed big. I found this funny because I previously had a Sony 1270Q CRT projector which sat around in my office collecting dust till I sold it (I had been planning to have a custom coffee table made for it but then we moved into a smaller house and decided it was too big to use at the new house). But, her comments didn't surprise me too much because I had previously drilled it into her that this thing would be super small.

Anyway...I opened up the box and there was, of course, some excess cardboard packing material. The projector was already inside the carrying bag. I took out the bag and asked her if she still thought it was big. She nodded in agreement that it now seemed pretty small. Then I opened up the bag to find that the projector only filled about half of the bag (the other half was taken up by the cables, etc.). I think this shocked her even more. Of course, I'm probably overdramatizing the whole thing. Within a few seconds, I'm sure her mind was back on the other issues of her life. As much as we geeks would like our spouses to get as excited as us about these things, that just doesn't happen.

Now, can someone (Huey?) help out with some of the other questions I had in one of my previous posts (type of bed sheet to temporarily use, do I need a RP91 if I'm committed to using this thing with a 16:9 screen, etc.)? Thanks,

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