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This is a press release out today:

Consumers Overwhelmingly Choose Dell's 42-Inch Plasma HDTV in Four-City, Head-to-Head Competition with Sony; Based on Picture Quality and Price, More Consumers Pick Dell in First ``HDTV Challenge''

ROUND ROCK, Texas--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Aug. 18, 2005--In a four-city head-to-head viewing competition, nearly 70 percent of consumers surveyed chose Dell's (NASDAQ:DELL) W4200HD plasma television over Sony's KDE-42XS955 HD model, based on picture quality and price.

The consumer preference study of 42-inch plasma HDTVs was conducted from June through the end of July in Baltimore, Chicago, New York City and San Francisco. Following viewings of each TV, 308 consumers were asked their preference if the Sony were priced at "about $4,000," as much as $1,000 less than Sony's online prices in effect during the study period. Consumers were shown a Dell price of "about $2,800," which was Dell's online price during the same period.

Guideline Research, on behalf of Dell, conducted the Dell HDTV Challenge at shopping malls in the four cities. It pitted the competing plasmas against each other in viewings of indoor and outdoor scenes from a high-definition movie, after which the approximate prices were revealed. The full study can be viewed at www.dell.com/HDTVchallenge .

"Dell was overwhelmingly preferred based on picture quality and price. Consumers praised both models, but Dell received more accolades for its picture sharpness," said Bob Reitter, president of Guideline Legal Division, FIND Market Research.

The test was conducted "double blind," meaning those who administered the survey and those surveyed were not aware of its purpose or sponsorship, nor of the brand names being viewed before respondents made their choice. Respondents were chosen if they had purchased a high-end television in the past year, or were considering purchasing one in the coming year.

"The results confirmed what we've known all along -- customers value the picture quality of the televisions we offer as much as the price," said Michael Farello, vice president of electronics and accessories for Dell's consumer business. "We're focused on driving down the cost of high-quality plasma and LCD televisions, and plan to add more products for customers to choose from in time for the holidays."

Dell TVs are available in 30-, 26- and 19-inch LCD and 42-inch HD and ED TV models. More information can be found at www.dell.com/tvs .

About Dell

Dell Inc. (NASDAQ:DELL) is a trusted and diversified information-technology supplier and partner, and sells a comprehensive portfolio of products and services directly to customers worldwide. Dell, recognized by Fortune magazine as America's most admired company and No. 3 globally, designs, builds and delivers innovative, tailored systems that provide customers with exceptional value. Company revenue for the last four quarters was $52.8 billion. For more information about Dell and its products and services, visit www.dell.com .

Pricing, specifications, availability, and terms of offers may change without notice. Taxes, fees, and shipping and handling charges are extra, and vary. Dell cannot be responsible for pricing or other errors, and reserves the right to cancel orders arising from such errors.

Dell is a trademark of Dell Inc.

Dell disclaims any proprietary interest in the marks and names of others.
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