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Dell Shipping PIO 503's instantly

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I spoke to Electrograph today and was told that they are shipping the PIO 503's within 30 minutes of your order to Dell.

This is bad news for us who need to cancel orders!.

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But great news for those who don't need to cancel orders.


Why do you need to cancel the order?Yesterday you had everyone pumped up for the 25% off the 503?
I will use it immediately.

thanks , I lost an order under mysterious circumstances and would much appreciate it, or stackable coupons I guess.

Sorry to be a little blatant but the order just vanished.

Originally posted by batman09

Why do you need to cancel the order?Yesterday you had everyone pumped up for the 25% off the 503?
Its a long story but to make it brief. My orginal order gave me 15% off. Then when I called in for the addit. 15%, they created a new quote and told me to cancel my first order.

Of course I could'nt cancel it through Dell and I had to refuse delivery from Eagle Delivery this AM.

This unit was ordered on Monday and Eagle called to schedule delivery today.


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So are all those people that got on board with you still getting 25% off the 503? bm
I believe only the one guy to whom I gave the Quote was able to get that 27% off. Others have used my order no. to exact some lesser discount.


I also finally took the plunge. I recieved 15% off the 503 on Monday. This was through the home side of Dell, so no tax. I guess they wore me down. I really wanted to have the display for the holidays. Although, it sounds as though bossanov got a great deal, every time I called Dell they would look me up on their database and see who I had talked to and what I was quoted. Funny, I recieved my quote by using a price match strategy and did not/ could not use the 10% Dell Home coupon I bought of Ebay for $15. I had previously worked hard for a good price with plasmaextreme.us and Visual apex. Lisa J gave me the best deal she could. She was/is a pleasure to work with. However, even then, Dell's price was a few hundred dollars cheaper.

As I talked to the CSR at Dell, he convinced me that the firesale prices on the 503cmx (ie 15% + 10% stackable) were over because they had lost some money and they were under increased scrutiny when dealing with the plasmas. Whether this is true are not, I kinda believe him. I had called him multiple times over a few weeks.

In the end, the Dell price was not as good as those on the past, but I thought it was fair, I was tired of waiting, and I did not feel like lying about business affiliation I do not have (I am in the military-this does not necessarily me I am honest but I really don't have a business affiliation)

So, $5880 and the Eagle Global records indicate the plasma did indeed ship that night and should be here on monday.

I did order the articulating wall mount from plasmaextreme.us ( it was the cheapest price I could find online). I even told Lisa J about the Dell deal vs. theirs and, although she hated to lose the sale, she felt like I made a good decision. I strongly encourage anyone who has values excellent customer service over a couple hundred bucks on a $6000 item to check out plasmaextreme.US

Most importantly ----- "I got a plasma!............... I got a plasma!"

I am a happy and excited man,

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Congrads nebari! This whole Dell thing is kind of fustrating. Some get the deal and some can't. I also spent hours and hours over a 2 week period of time trying to get a deal with Dell. I sometimes think about how much my time is worth and how hard I was working to get that extra $100 or so off.

It is also difficult because even the $5880 Dell deall really beats anyone elses deal out there easily. So there really is no one to negotiate against.

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