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For about the last year I have had an issue with my Dell W4200HD, where after auto programming the DTV stations and shutting the TV off for a few hours, the station memory on the Digital side is lost. Other posts have said that the tuner is bad, however I think I have found a solution.

Go into the service menu (input, 6, 1, 9) and scroll down to DTV Function. Scroll right or left until "Reset DB" is shown and execute. This appears to reformat the tuner memory. Exit the menu, turn off the TV and power it back on. Have it search for channels again and you should be good to go.

Since doing this, our TV has kept its memory perfectly for three days, something it has NEVER done for more than a few hours since the onset a year ago. Also appears that the tuner is doing a better job at processing signals as we have not had "WEAK SIGNAL" errors since the DB was reset.

Hope this works for anyone who may have this same problem.


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