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Demo Fujitsu 55" (30WS) -- Should I Buy It?

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I have an opportunity to purchase a Fujitsu 55" plasma (last year's model -- the 30WS) for a really good price (can't say per the rules). The only problem is that this is a demo that has been in the store for about a year (a reputable audio/video dealer here in Seattle). In the service menu, it says that the "video" has 3742 hours on it and just over 8000 hours "total" (whatever that means, maybe plugged in with electricity running through it?). Looking at just the "video" data, this translates to about 10.25 hours a day for about a year. (Which jives with the build date -- January 2004).

The picture looks great, and there are no pixel problems. No burn in either.

It comes with a full mfgr. warranty, and I understand from some other threads on this forum that the panel is rated for 60,000 hours on this set. (Is that right, all you Fujitsu experts?) If so, then I could run this set at this rate for another 10 years (which I won't be doing) and be no where near the projected EOL.

I just have this "thing" about buying demos. Am I overeacting? Any opinions out there as to whether I should seriously consider this purchase or not?

Thanks for your valued input!
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Well, with no burn-in and bad pixels including a full warranty it's new. :) What other plasmas have you compared it to? I'd buy a new P50/40 over the P55, but that's just me.

the 8000 hours is the time it is plugged in: so basically you can disregard this number

assuming the MSRP has dropped to $9k on the 55/30, what % off is the price of the demo they have offered to you?
You also have to factor in your taste for black levels. The P55 is not one of Fujitsu's best panels in terms of black levels. If you watch in the dark, that could be a concern. If you watch in a bright environment, it shouldn't be too much of an issue. I agree with Larry, I would opt for the new P50/40 over the 55 just based on picture quality.
Thanks for these comments.

On the black levels, I factored that in. The room has quite a bit of ambient light at all times of the day, so the black levels are not as much of an issue for me. But the 55" black level is decent.

I really like the 55" because it will fit into an existing Ethan Allen cabinet (quite nicely) that used to house my 55" RPTV. So, I hear you regarding the P50 but, that extra 5" makes a big difference, aesthetically speaking.

The discount was significant, about 33% off MSRP.
I agree about the black levels but I have the P55 in my office with lots of ambient and florescent light:

the P55 looks stunning as long as you feed it HD

if you do the deal insist they throw in a mount and install it for you so you do not have to risk handling a big piece of glass
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