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I recently just set up multizone on my Denon 1909 so there's a 5.1 zone A and a 2.0 zone B.

I had previously been using AirTunes to the main zone connected to the Airport Express with a mini-toslink to optical cable and that worked very well. I could turn up the speakers nearly all the way without any noise or hiss when the music was paused but still on that input.

Unforuntely, the Denon 1909 doesn't support MultiZone output of digital connections so i switched to a minijack to rca cable.

When using that cable, which is the only analog input on the system, the speakers emit a headache inducing whine/hiss that can be heard from a few feet away even when the volume is as low as -40db.

I've checked the wiring and it's all good as well as reset the receiver and re calibrated it yet the problem persists.

Any help is much appreciated. Thanks.
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