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denon 1910 set up

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im new to all this,i bought a denon 1910,with 2 klipsch rf35,klipsch rc52,klipsch rs52,2 klipsch rw10d.i cant get my surrounds to work right,also I don't know about a lot of the settings,if someone could help me please. thanks you:mad:
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Looks like you have a 5.2 setup so you need to connect the "side" surrounds (rs52s) into the "Surround" speaker posts and NOT the "Surr Back/Amp Assign" speaker posts. Review the Audyssey 101/FAQ Guide linked in my sig and then run Audyssey to calibrate the speakers and subs.
yea I think they are in the surround amp side. ididnt know what it was.. thanks ill give it a shot
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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