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Denon 1911 or 2310

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My main use for this receiver is music. Speakers Monitor Audio RX1 + RX Centre + Vector V10 surround and Paradigm DSP 3400 Subwoofer. Watch a whole load of sport and series but very few movies but that might change with the 5.1 setup. Main questions. Which has the better Amplifier and secondly the 2310 has a MM phono stage but the 1911 does not. I would like to revert to vinyl. Would it be better to buy a phono preamp or go with the 2310. 3D is of no importance to me

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If you don't need 3D then just go with the 2310 which can display a nicer GUI over HDMI source video although both will have similar audio fidelity.
Have seen the term GUI. Please tell me what does it mean. (I am an old Fart trying to get used to a new language)

2310 uses a GUI - graphical user interface (ie much nicer display) which can display over the HDMI video as well as can display a volume bar on the TV

1911 uses an archaic block text OSD (on screen display) that blanks out the screen first and puts the white block text on the black background and cannot display volume over the HDMI video
Thank you
Eventually went with the Yamaha RX V3800. Got it at 40% list. The sound that comes out of it almost blew me away. Absaloodle fantastic
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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