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Denon 1940ci audio help

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I have just purchased and set up my Denon 1940ci. I also have just gotten the Denon AVR 1609 and Energy Classic 5 + sub. I have both my cable box and and DVD hooked up to my Denon AVR through HDMI, as well as optical cables for both going into the Denon AVR.

When i go to the set-up of my DVD player it asks about HDMI audio and Analog audio. The HDMI audio config only lets me choose a 2.0 set up for speakers and will not let me access 5.1. It will however let me access 5.1 under Analog setting. Is this correct?

I know the AVR-1609 is only a pass through and the audio cannot be carried over HDMI anymore, but that is why i got the optical to keep digital sound correct? Or am I off base on that?

It seems like the 5.1 is coming out of the AVR fine and it says digital on the AVR, but only 2.0 shows up on DVD display. Is what the DVD display says not important anymore since my AVR is handling the audio at this point?

Thank You
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Yeah I saw where you select audio mode and that was my question through all of that really.

I selected HDMI audio, assuming it was the one for digitial audio. But when I go to multi-channel config it only lets me see configure the front 2 speakers. It defaults the surround/sub/center to "none" and will not let me change that.

Now the analog multi-channel shows all 5.1 speakers and I may try that, but I still would like to know about the above.

Thanks for the help
I also own the Denon 1940ci. It's actually one of the finer players out there.

I was also confused by this.

I think it goes somethig to this effect:

The "analog" will give you 5.1 sound process through the 1940ci, the optical and HDMI hook up will not. This means that if you want to process the 5.1 sound direct through the DVD player you need to hook it up analog or you can hook it up via HDMI or Optical and have the 5.1 sound processed through your receiver.

This is what I did: hook it up via HDMI for PQ and upconverting (analog video will not upconvert) and then let the receiver take care of the sound. That is what they are for.

I have not done this next trick, but you could try running the HDMI and analog audio to the receiver, but something tells me this may not work.
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