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Denon 2113ci Static issue and seeking customer service advice.

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Hello all. I'm in a situation and I'm not sure what to do next.

Last April I purchased a Denon 2113ci AVR from Paul's TV. Great customer service and attention during and after the sale.

In the summer, I noticed static coming from the left front speaker. The only way I can describe the static is the same sharp crackling noises one would hear when turning an old car radio. It's always there, and sometimes drowns out the sound during quieter scenes in movies and shows.

Over the next few weeks, I tried several combinations of everything possible to isolate the problem:
  • Checked all connections from AVR to speaker for loose connections
  • Tried several different speakers
  • Tried different speaker wires
  • Experimented with different inputs powered on, powered off, and disconnected. (The static appears even with the AVR alone on a table with just the one speaker connected.)
  • Plugged the unit into different outlets around the house, as well as at a friend's house.
  • Observed that Volume of static is relative to volume knob position, and Static is present only in main zone, left front speaker

When I contacted Denon in September, they instructed me to send the unit to a company called Panurgy. They sent the AVR back to me, saying that they tested it for three days and could not replicate the situation.

Now, for the first time since then, I finally have time to mess with this again. So I pulled the unit out of the box and tried hooking it up again -- sure enough, the static was still there and loud as ever. I contacted Denon customer service in hopes of a resolution. Although he was very polite and sincere while saying it, all the Customer Service guy would tell me was "Since they tested the unit and found nothing wrong, there's nothing I can do for you, unless of course you want to send it back or have a different authorized shop look at it."

At this point I'm incredibly frustrated, and I'm not sure what to do. I find it very hard to believe that after running the unit for three days and no static appeared. I'm not exactly thrilled at the idea of paying to ship it elsewhere just to told "nothing's wrong" again either.

I realize that returning it to Paul's TV is out of the question as it is past the 30- day mark, and the AVR has been installed and used.

Has anyone else dealt with something like this before? What can I learn from your experience?
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Here's the rub. If Panurgy, the factory repair center, is not able to hear the static, then there is nothing for them to repair. However, if when you tested it at your neighbor's house you also used one of his speakers and got the same static, then clearly there is an issue with the unit and you have a few choices to consider. (1) Check Denon's website to see if there are any authorized repair facilities in your local driving area so as not to incur a shipping charge. (2) You can call Denon back and ask them to pay for shipping back to Panurgy and explain to them the detailed testing you have done that points to the unit being defective and that if Panurgy still cannot hear the static this time, that you want a refurbished unit in its place. Although warranties on refurbished units is generally only 1 year, the warranty for you would be the time remaining on your existing 3 yar warranty. (3) If purchased with a credit card, call the card issuer and ask if there is anything they can do (ie. possible credit to purchase another unit).
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JD gave some good solid advice. After another conversation with Panurgy, it seems that this wouldn't be easy as I had hoped. I scoured the forums for anything I could learn, and found the different ways to reset the system. I think what I found was "microprocessor reset." (The one not listed in the manual.)

I did this reset procedure about 5 times in a row, then unplugged the unit overnight. Then powered it up and ran the firmware update that was waiting for me.

No more static.

It's been about a week, and so far, it hasn't returned. None of this makes sense to me, but at least I'm happy now.

The problem is, in the meantime I convinced myself that I needed the x-3000. I like the way Zone 2 works in that one better.
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For the benefit of anyone searching with a similar issue, the static started again last night. This morning I performed the microprocessor reset a few times, and the static is gone. Although I am happy to have found a solution, I think it's wildly unfair that I bought what I feel is a premium unit and it has to be reprogrammed/reconfigured every 2 weeks.

It just occurred to me why the service center could not find any issues. I wonder if their procedure calls for a complete unit reset as step one, thus making sure that they are starting diagnosis from a known constant point. I suppose next time this happens, I could send it back with specific instructions not to reset, however the week it spends in a box unplugged may be "resetting" the unit too. Who knows.

I've drafted a very polite letter to D&M Cust Service explaining the situation and asking for some options other than shelling out another $40 to ship the unit and be told nothing is wrong.

JD, as an authorized dealer, do you have any advice or insight as to who I should directly address this letter to?

I've been considering your suggestion of going the credit card route, however I think that would end up taking the money back from Pauls TV and not Denon, which I don't think is 100% fair... thoughts?
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The dealer should not be impacted at all, rather this is simply a transaction between you and your card issuer, although generally the card issuer will not get involved until after the mfr's warranty has expired. If the issue presents using any speaker connected to the FL speaker posts, then you need to indicate exactly what you have done to replicate the issue if you send it in for repair again. As suggested, call Denon and get them to pay for the shipping this time. A possible work around you can try if using only a 5.1 setup, is to connect the FL/FR speakers to the SURR BACK speaker posts and set AMP ASSIGN to "Front B" and the speakers setting to Front B as well.
Well, I did send that letter to Denon... Not sure what I expect to come from it, but I explained the situation. I finally had the notion to record the noise -- this is what I have to endure:


I'll probably end up either selling this thing for pennies on the dollar, or downgrading my setup to 5.1 and using the workaround you posted above as this will be a constant back-and-forth shipping adventure between here and New Jersey.

I'm pretty upset by this -- I bought what I thought was a premium unit -- I realize there are far better AVR's out there, but this was a high-dollar purchase for me -- and before the unit is one year old, I'm stuck with an undiagnosable/unrepairable unit and have to settle for work-arounds one might expect from a garage sale/hand-me-down unit.
Final Chapter: an update.

Well, I suppose I learned a valuable lesson in Customer Service this past week.

Denon received and read my letter. I very politely explained the problem, the steps I took to solve it, and pretty much summarized everything we've discussed here.

Their response was what I had hoped but hardly expected -- they sent a pre-paid shipping label for me to return the 2113, and are sending a new X2000 as a replacement!

Very much looking forward to the new arrival!
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