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Denon 2807/987 or Pioneer VSX-81TXV?

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I'm pretty much ready to pull the trigger and get a 2807, after no news from Denon on a possible 3808 or something in the near future.

However I was starting to look at the VSX-81TXV and see it's got the same power, many similar features, and also has a THX certification. Push comes to shove i'll probably stick with the 2807/987, but I wanted to make sure i'm not overlooking the Pioneer if it's just as good or better. I also notice the Pioneer is $149 less, which is always nice.

The speakers I just got are Focal Sib XL's for the front 3, and Sib's for the rears, along with the Cub^2 sub.

Can anyone make any amazing arguments favoring the Pioneer?
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1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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