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Denon 2807 audio setup question ...

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hi, i just bought a Denon 2807 and was setting it up today. my system has a DirecTV hd-dvr box(hr20) and Toshiba xa2 hd-dvd player and i'm getting the Pioneer Elite pro fhd1 plasma tomorrow , and 5.1 speaker setup(all components hdmi). this is in my family room. the room is definitely nowhere near being an ideal acoustic set-up ! (high ceilings,etc) but i gotta work with it . so, i was following the owners manual and did the "auto setup/room equalizer " with the setup microphone. everything went fine and i stored the speaker settings,etc. Then the manual says "after finishing auto setup,one of the following 3 correction curves can be selected for the room equalizer function : Audyssey , Front , or Flat ". and it describes each option. the default is set to 'off'. given the setup of my family room, which 'correction curve' should i select, or leave on 'off' ? i would call Denon , but after calling them a couple days ago(prior to purchasing the unit) with a couple questions , and sitting on hold for about 15-20 minutes each time, i just cant bear to do it again ! thanks
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Well, I set my EQ to "Audyssey" and find it works quite well in my room which is quite reflective and tends to sound a little on the hard side without EQ. The "Flat" setting is a little brighter but still better than without EQ. "Front" won't do anything for me since my surrounds are exactly the same as my 2 front speakers anyway.

But the real answer is simply to try them all and see which you prefer. After all, you do want something that sounds good to you. You're the one that's watching the movies/programs and there's little point to that if you don't enjoy doing it.

David Aiken
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