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Had a bunch of lights come on after typing a bunch of stuff...........I am pretty sure I tarded my whole system up here. But I just want to confirm.


Denon 2807 Receiver

Oppo 981HD DVD Player


PC w/ XP, 7900GS w/ 2 DVI outs, 1 S-Video

This all started with not getting 1920x1080 outta the PC on a card that should.

Curret setup (coming to conclusion it's way wrong)

DirecTV HMDI to TV HDMI, Sound to Receiver

Oppo HDMI to TV HDMI, Sound to Receiver

PC from PC DVI to TV PC-IN (VGA)

Shouldn't I dump the sound cables from the DirectTV and Oppo DVD and just run the HDMI to the receiver and then one HDMI from the receiver to the TV?

Then run the DVI on PC to HDMI on TV? Then obviously need the sound from the PC to the Stereo......unless there is a better option.

Thanks for the assist.
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