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The problem that I’m facing is that using the internal DD/DTS decoders of the 2900(analog) I have a lack of bass in the front channels comparing to the digital output(I'm not using subwoofer).

It’s like the LFE are not directed to the front speakers when no subwoofer is present. Is this normal?

I have these speakers configuration in the DVD and AVR: front large, center small, surround large and subwoofer no.

If I select subwoofer yes the problem remains.

DTS volume is higher than DD.

Filter On or Off is the same.

With SACD and DVD-A I don’t see a problem with bass.

I already put the problem to the local vendor and we said it was normal, even like that they replace the DVD but problem remained.

I know that is not normal to use the decoders from the DVD players but my problem at the moment is that the AVR 1700 don’t have DTS.

My AV system :

DVD player – DENON 2900

AV Amplifier – DENON 1700

Front speakers – Tannoy Mercury M5

Surround speakers- Mission M71

Center speakers – JM LAB Tantal CC5

No subwoofer yet since the front speakers have a good bass

I also have an integrated amplifier driving the front speakers(connected to AVR1700 pre out) – Atoll IN80

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