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Denon 3312CI vs refurbished Denon AVRX4000

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I recently had to have my 3312ci looked at for repair. The repair facility decided it wasn't worth fixing or too costly, so they referred it back to Denon for a suitable replacement. I was just recently contact by Denon and told that I will be receiving a refurbished AVRX4000 for my replacement. I have never heard of this model before, and I am not really versed on the newer Denon products or lineup. Is this considered a suitable replacement for my 3312ci? Any suggested readings on the differences between my old AVR and this one, or any information about the two and their differences would be appreciated. Thanks!
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From Denon's site under "News" there is an announcement of their IN-Command receivers:

Previous Model New Model

AVR-1913 E-Series AVR-E400

AVR-1613 E-Series AVR-E300

AVR-1513 E-Series AVR-E200

AVR-3313CI IN-Command AVR-X4000

AVR-2313CI IN-Command AVR-X3000

AVR-2113CI IN-Command AVR-X2000

AVR-1713 IN-Command AVR-X1000

There may be a few differences in features, but the X4000 gets mostly very favorable reviews.
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The X4000 is very close to the 4311CI receiver. In other word, it's in a totally different league from your 3112.

Denon officially replaced the 4311CI with the 4520CI however both the 4520 and the X4000 have XT32 which is where the real beef is.
You definitely got an upgrade as the x4000 uses Audyssey XT32 with HT Sub EQ. The Sub EQ lets you calibrate two separate subwoofers.

Your 3312 uses Audyssey MultEQ XT which has far less filter resolutions than XT32.

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