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I've been using a Denon 3800 player for a few years now, and I've always been very impressed with its output quality. I'm not aware of many 480p players that approach its image quality for film sources thanks to the Silicon Image chipset and rising frequency response curve.

A couple years back I switched from a Pioneer Elite 730HD RPTV to a Panasonic L300U projector. The projector setup, while looking good much of the time, still fails to pick up detail that was evident with the RPTV.

As a result I've started to wonder about some of these upsampling players lately.

My projector is a 1/4 HD Panasonic L300U, and so 480p source isn't entirely its forté. The Oppo 970 appears to be modifiable for outputing 1080i over component, which is what I run to my projector (long runs of DVI are too expensive).

The 1080i to 1/4 HD conversion is very simple, and an even division of resolution. So I guess I'm wondering if the Oppo's scaler from 480p to 1080i is likely to be better than that of my projector taking 480p from the Denon and scaling it to 960x540.

Has anyone made a player change similar to this? What were your findings?
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