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denon 3801+avia+sub level question

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hello all,

I am trying to setup my subwoofer levels properly using the avia dvd. here is my setup

denon 3801

nht 1.3a for FL,FR

1.1c for C

superZero for SL,SB,SR

sw2pi powered sub

all speaker set to small

i first used the test tones on the receiver to calibrate every channel to roughly 75 db

i then ran the avia test disc and used their signals for the 5 main channels, only the SR and SL needed adjusting by 1 db. so far, so good

the x-over on my sub is set to its highest setting, which is 150hz. i assumed that since my denon will only send the sub 80hz and below, this setting would be ok.

when i used the subwoofer test signals on the avia disc (the one with the alternating signals from one of the main speakers followed by teh subwoofer), my subwoofer is about 10 dbs higher than my main. according to the onscreen message, it said that they should be at the same level. my question is, why so much discrepancy between the test signals and avia? should i just disregard my test tone levels and just adjust them to avias test tones? thanks all!

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I had the same problem when I used AVIA.My sub needed to be set to +6 and that was way too high.Never had that happen with my 2800,just with the 3801.

Anyway I just set it to about +2 or by ear and let it go.

Try the 3801 and then the AVIA and which ever is right to you.I know that's kind of vauge,but I don't understand why it did that.I've set up 3 3801's so far and found that 2 had the same problem.

I don't like my bass to be too over powering,just very effective.

The Denon should be handling the 80hz,but if you hear any "voices"from it,then set it down some.I've run powered subs before but can't remember how I set them.Don't think it matters,but play with it.


Denon AVR-3801

Klipschorns(77')Heresy(75')center,KSP-S6 sides,IW-150's rear.

2 12"DIY subs feed by 200 watt Yamaha amp,1 12" powered sub thru surrounds.

Sony DVP-C650 D dvd

Echostar 4700,JVC S7600 U

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