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I want to use the best analog video output possible with my equipment. Component video ( Y Pb Pr) should deliver the best quality - better than S-video.

My equipment:

* PC with Hercules 3D Prophet 9000 Pro 128 MB (ATI Radeon 9000 Pro based graphics card)

* Denon 3803 A/V receiver

* Sony VPL-PX1 (XGA) projector

My receiver has 2 component video inputs and 1 component video output and it also upconverts all video sources up to component video (Y Pb Pr).

In the settings of my projector I can choose for INPUT A between RGB or COMPONENT. This Input A uses a 15 pins VGA female connector. SONY can sell a suitable cable (SMF-402) with on one side a VGA 15 pins male connector and on the other side 3 RCA component video connectors.

Problem: I want to use the DVI-I output of my graphics card and connect it to the component video input of my receiver.

1) Can I use the HDTV component video adapter from ATI?

If so:

a) Where can I buy this in Europe?

b) Is there an easy not to costly way to order it from the USA?

c) What is the meaning of those swithces on that adapter?

d) How does those switches change the image? In other meanings: how does the video card knows that a different image must be sent?

2) Can I alternative use cable number DVIRCA-5 (DVI-A to Component Video 3 RCA 5 Meters ) which can be bought on the following site:

Can I find such a cable somewhere in Europe?

3) Is there an other possibility?

4) Question 1a or 1b for the SONY SMF-402 cable

I would thank everybody who can help me with this.


BELGIUM (europe)
[email protected]
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