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Denon 3803 Vs Yamaha RXV-1400

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How would you compare the features on these two units? I would say the receiver would be used 60% HT and the rest for music.

How will these sound with Polk RTi8's and RTi6's?

Thanks in advance
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fairly comperable units from a sound quality point-of-view, power output in real world ,demo conditions, seems to give the Slight advantage to Yamaha. A larger advantage goes to Yamaha for feature set.

Would you happen to know which one sounds warmer? The Polk speakers seem to be bright.
Although many considered Yamaha as "bright", the new models are no longer. I power a Klipsch Reference setup with my 1400 and do not notice "brightness" only detail. I would go with the 1400. More features for dollar and YPAO room optimizer.
Thanks yamaklipsch. I will have to take a drive somewhere and listen to them but it never sounds the same in the store. It's always good to get consumer feedback.
The Denon is warmer than the 1400, however the Yamaha is more neutral than it was in the past. Put the two side-by-side and you'll notice the difference. I personally like neutral sound best --not bright or warm, but if you prefer warm and most people seem to then you'll like the Denon.
I think a fairer comparison would be the Yamaha RX-V2400 with the Denon. They are similar in their inputs and outputs and close in their so called "rated power" I have the 2400 and chose it over the Denon mostly because of the features that it has. VPAO was the deal breaker for me plus the ablitiy to upgrade to DPIIx right away. I have my 2400 mated with Paradigms and I think the sound is wonderful, not bright at all. The Denon is a great receiver. either one would sound great with your speakers. I just think for me since I use my 70% HT, 30% music the Yamaha had more features the suited me.

good luck,

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