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Hello - I am hoping someone can help me with what appears to be a failing amp. I have searched through lots of posts and haven't found what I am looking for, so if I am being redundant, please point me to the right answer.

I have a 3-year old AVR-3805. I am on my 3rd remote (ridiculous in its own right), and now I believe my zone 2, DVD, and VCR channels are failing. As a precursor to my issues (which are many
), nothing in my setup has been changed at all, and both issues have occurred nearly simultaneously.
  • zone 2

    I can no longer get any audio to my zone 2 speakers. After having run 3 sets of speakers through a manual speaker selector for 3 years, suddenly zone 2 produces no sound. I can see on the front panel that Zone 2 is powering on and off, but it does nothing.
  • dvd/vcr/vdp

    I suddenly have extreme video "squiggles" (sorry, don't know the right term) on only the DVD, VDP and VCR channels. The start up logos, etc. for my Denon 2910 DVD player are now nearly illegible due to the squiggled intereference, and in other cases completely jumbled (as if a file was corrupted on a computer). It lasts throughout playing a movie, and although is primarily concentrated along the upper 1/8 or so of the screen, it's not limited to that section. By the way, my cable box (running on the TV channel) is absolutely perfect; no issues whatsoever.

I have checked and replaced the cables, as well as plugging in my old DVD player to see if the video problem resided in one of the other components, and the result is exactly the same, which IMO points to 3805 problems.

Does anyone have any similar experiences or advice? Do I have a big brick now?

Thanks in advance for any assistance.
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