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Denon 3806 general questions??

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I have a 7.1 setup monitor audio rs silver all around and the denon 3806. I ran the auto setup.

questions I have are the following:

If i watch a regular dolby digital or dts 5.1 movie what settings should the amp be set to the manual says set to widescreen simulation is this the best setting and what about room eq, should that be off, or should i leave it on the audiossy setting?

What about if it is a 6.1 movie?

what do i pick then, and how do I turn of the simulation mode if i need to

Lastly what about music?

again room eq on or off and what are the best simulations to choose.

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All down to personal taste but for my system I use:-

Dolby PLIIx Cinema overlaid on Dolby 5.1 or DTS movies. If the movie is DTS ES Matrix or Dolby EX I'll also use Dolby PLIIx Cinema. If the movie is DTS ES Discrete I'll use that particular mode. In all cases Audyssey is on. Never thought that much of the Widescreen 7.1 mode to be honest.

For music I'll either use Pure Direct with EQ on Flat or Dolby PLIIx Music with EQ on Flat.
Thanks for the info., anyone else have ideas
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