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Hi all

I have two issues I'm tryuing to resolve.... which hopefully are linked.

I have a Denon 3910 and it freezes every time I connect it via HDMI to my Marantz SR6004.

What do I mean with freezes?? The second the connection is made all functions stop on the 3910. CD playback stops, buttons are non responsive and i have to turn the unit off and back on again to get functionality (once unplugged of course)

The 3910 has no issues when connected to the TV, and the 6004 has no issue when another player is connected to it via HDMI. I have even tried a different HDMI cable, but no luck. Therefore the issue does appear to lie the 3910.

I have checked all settings on the 3910 and the 6004 and neither have anything switched on that could pose an issue (eg feedback communication etc)

I was thinking it could be a firmware issue so this leads me to my second issue. How can i find the latest firmware and upload it into the 3910?

If anyone has any advise, solutions, tips, tricke etc etc, I'd be very grateful.

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