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denon 3910 versus 2900 for redbook cd playback..help!

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I'm ready to purchase a universal player and was waiting for the 3910. From everything I've read here, it's amazing. CD playback is very important to me.

In searching the web, I just realized that I could buy a new 2900 for HALF the price of a 3910. All the reviews of the 2900 at ecoustics were great but many comments on the lackluster cd redbook performance.

So, is redbook performance significantly better on the 3910?

Also would component (not dvi) video be better? (I've got a mits xx725 dlp and the hdmi converts to analog in the tv, therefore I don't really need an upscaling player)

Any help would be greatly appreciated as the 2900's are selling fast.


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I talked to my dealer about trading in my 2900 for a 3910. He talked me out of it saying I wouldn't be gaining anything audiowise as I'm more interested in the audio side.
I can't compare the 2900 to the 3910, but I can ask: How will you be connecting the player into your system? If you plan to use the optical output on the Denons, then it really doesn't matter whether you get the 2900 or the 3910. Your receiver/pre-amp will be converting the digital signals into music, so those DACs will be the ones that matter, not the Denon's.

I would be more concerned about Faroudja vs. Silicon Image processing than audio or HDMI in your case. I have used a Denon DVD-3800 on your TV and it looked fabulous. You might want to look at this thread for more info.

1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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